Have you ever been at home or at work and overloaded the electrical system? Do this at night time, and you immediately plunge yourself into darkness and an immediate sense of panic is usually short-term as you realise what you have done, disconnect the offending item, feel your way to the fuse box and reset any tripped switches. Modern technology today is wonderful-25 years ago you would have been fumbling around in a kitchen drawer trying to find fuse wire by candlelight to solve the problem or, failing that, it was time to call out an emergency electrician in Bristol or Bath if that is where you lived.

Modern technology is usually followed by the phrase “four-proof”, but therein lies the floor of such a system. Go back to 4 November 2006 and one relatively insignificant event managed to see the power supply to 15 million Europeans shut down in under half an hour.

When the power was disconnected this set off high power flow alarms elsewhere and particularly at the Landesbergen–Wehrendorf line which was very close to its limit. However, over the next half hour the power dropped but then crept back up, so to improve the situation somebody thought it would be helpful to close a bus tie. This actually had the opposite effect and the line tripped out. Over the next 28 seconds an electrical blackout swept across Europe, affecting Poland, the Benelux countries and France, before travelling through to Portugal Spain and as far as Morocco, then across to Greece and into the Balkans!To cut a long story short, the Ems powerline which crossed North-west Germany was to be routinely disconnected to allow a large ship to pass underneath. As this was a major powerline, when supply was shut off this would create a surge in neighboring TSOs (transmission system operators) so contingencies have to be put in place, and they were. The only problem was, the request was put in to bring the date forward 24 hours. As the system had been tested for the creation of any overloads at this was not seen as a problem and it shouldn’t have been had somebody remembered to pass the message on.

Here at NAC Electrical Services, whether for commercial or residential premises, if you need an emergency electrician Bristol, emergency electrician Bath, or emergency electrician Weston-super-Mare, we can assure you we will respond instantly and we promise not to plunge any of these towns or cities into total darkness while we fix your problem. To know more about NAC Electrical Services, just give us a call